ITAD Without Limits.

Instantly provide the best ITAD experience for your operations, your customers, and your brand.

Think the only option is to spend the time and money building and supporting a portal or force-fitting some expensive ERP that takes a year to implement, check this out!

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Evercycle: bringing IT asset disposition out of the dark ages

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Ready to go

Onboarding ERP's can set you back over a year, onboarding with Evercycle can take as little as a few days.

what is it asset disposition

Months of work saved

Evercycle customers save an average of 6 weeks of manual work per each recovery project.

intuitive auto recovery

Unlimited is included

Evercycle doesn't charge per user - onboard your whole team. Feature releases, maintenance, support, guaranteed uptime - all included.

what is it asset disposition

10X your throughput

Supercharge your logistics and ops teams with 10 times the output at no extra OPEX or disruption.

what is it asset disposition

Built by ITAD experts

Supercharge your logistics and ops teams with 10 times the output at no extra OPEX or disruption.

what is it asset disposition

Fortune 500 scale

Trusted by leading brands to track and manage enterprise level ITAD.

Gain company-wide value

If you deal in managed IT services for enterprise, you'll see value with Evercycle

The value-add you've been waiting for to close new deals

You're not just buying used stuff. Show your customers you are their ITAD partner with Evercycle. Branded customer dashboards, automated notifications, and real-time data enables you with an ITAD experience beyond your customers expectations. Our expertise is now your expertise instantly providing you the advantage.

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Overwhelmed by customer requests, constantly putting out fires, and hunting for answers?

You want to provide the best service possible to keep your high-value customers happy, but between various warehouse locations, expanding partner networks, unique SLA's and asks, you're creating a brand new operation. And that can't be managed with email and spreadsheets.

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Want to process more devices and automate scalable logistics, but manual operations are slowing you down?

Scaling your service doesn't have to mean added OPEX and additional hires. Evercycle has helped customers eliminate hundreds of manual tasks and months of customer onboarding time - all without additional overhead.

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Is piecing together fragmented systems and 3rd-party services to work for ITAD a never-ending and costly battle?

Only for the next new customer or ITAD project to come in and disrupt the entire workflow... again? We've been there ourselves and understand the challenges. This understanding has influenced what Evercycle is today. Let us show you how we make the challenge of scaling ITAD services simple for your organization. Integrating with current systems and onboarding really can be easier. Promise.

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Decommissioning your IT devices should be as easy as the click of a button.

Whether ITAD is a part of your managed IT services or your primary offering, Evercycle makes it easy to manage your IT assets for recycling and resale with data security, logistics automation, and workflow management.

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An unprecedented success story

it asset recovery

Meet Evercycle

The missing piece to your ITAD operation.

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Automated Logistics Fulfillment

No more manual ITAD package and shipment fulfillment.

Evercycle removes human decisions with algorithms that automatically determine needed packaging and generate the shipping labels needed based on your customers devices - all configured around your existing packaging and preferred shipping methods.

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Real-time Tracking

Be in the know 24/7. Stop hunting for answers each time your customers ask for a status update.

From initial return request through the audit process, details are provided as they happen without any work. Expected devices are automatically bound to the outbound and return shipments for optimal traceability.

Integrate Customer Workflows

Easily support that demanding high-value customers unique needs, tight SLA's, and zero room for error. No matter the shipping carrier or service level - all your operational workflows are integrated in one simple dashboard including automated branded email notifications and white-labeling options.

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Data Insights

Evercycle provides the metrics you need to scale the right way for every ITAD program. Our tools enable you to securely visualize, configure, syndicate, and export your ITAD data.

Environmental Impact Scorecard feature is provided out-of-the-box. Now you can proactively provide your customers with rewarding sustainability metrics.

Device Audit Reporting

Evercycle can integrate with any ERP or database to display real-time audited devices complete with photos of device damage, certificates of data destruction, and more. View, filter, sort, and export your audit results.

We've taken audit reporting to an unmatched level.
- leaving manual ITAD results reconciliation a thing of the past.
device life cycle managementdevice life cycle management
device life cycle management
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Quoting Tools

If you find yourself manually creating quote after quote to procure devices from customers only to find you then have to requote and so on, you'll find our pricebook management features, current value tool, and quote generator tools an instant relief.

Ask us how Evercycle has enabled steady-state ITAD programs allowing continuous inbound device funnels without needing to create quotes. - talk about scalability!

Quick-Scan Receiving Journals

The first steps in your operations should be the last reason throughput is halted. Eliminate the receiving dock bottleneck with our quick-scan receipt confirmation journal.

Simply scan received packages and easily mark whether a package contains the expected devices or if something unexpected needs attention. Now you can easily provide confirmation to your customers before data erasure and device audit.

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"Why haven’t we spoke sooner! I’ve been trying to piece together ways to solve for this large account we've been trying forever to convert - how to make the end-user experience beyond expectations. Evercycle already has this taken care of."

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VP of Procurement
West Coast - US based ITAD
"Evercycle SaaS Platform Alleviates IT Asset Management Pain Points through Automation"
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- Disrupt Magazine

"To satisfy a couple new high-value customers, we thought we'd need to hire at least 30 new employees. But Evercycle instantly enabled us to onboard these accounts without needing to hire or overhaul our operations. Now, Evercycle is 100% a part of our strategy."

it asset disposal procedure
Operations Project Manager
US enterprise IT hardware recovery
"Evercycle Provides IT Asset Managers with an Extra Layer of Data Security"
device cycles
- The UBJ

"Your software ties up all the loose ends and gives everyone involved a great experience.

You should be very proud of what you’ve built."

it asset disposal procedure
Customer Success Manager
US based enterprise mobility ITAD provider

"Evercycle can literally help us automate over 75% of the hard work. We can use it as a selling point as well

We are able to meet strict customer timing requirements that none of our competitors can come close to."

it asset disposal procedure
Enterprise Account Manager
US based ITAD provider

"On the first day of our first bulk device return program using Evercycle, we were able to instantly facilitate recovery of over 740 devices from various remote employees with just a couple clicks - and just watch them funnel in with the tracking tools."

it asset disposal procedure
Shipping Manager, Reverse Logistics
Enterprise IT Asset Recovery
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Real Impact.
This is why we do this.

2023 ITAD Partner program!
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Get VIP access to Evercycle's powerful, all-in-one, end-to-end IT hardware services platform with out-of-the-box features tailored just for ITAD providers!

2023 ITAD partners benefit from:
  • Secure your place in the exclusive ITAD early-onboarding access program ( limited spots ).
  • Significant Discounts and ability to roll-over monthly subscription credits.
  • Ability to adjust subscription plans month-to-month
  • Waived Integrated Service Provider fees ( for marketplace release )
  • Access new-feature beta testing and priority feedback
  • Evercycle "Concierge" level support and consultation included at no extra cost
  • Exclusive access to priority enhancement requests, upvoting, and feature-release roadmap
This program is for you if you are...
  • Small, medium, or large ITAD provider or e-waste recycler
  • Headquartered in North America
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