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Your mobile device lifecycle insights at your fingertips.

Customize dashboards

Monitor the overall success of your programs with status snapshot metrics, historic activity overview, including what is happening right now.

Easily implement device lifecycle campaigns for your organization.

Customize and toggle between multiple campaigns to accomplish varying goals and requirements.
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Forecast and Plan lifecycle services.

Remove the unexpected.

View the current value of your mobile devices at any time.

Filter value by condition grade & understand grade definitions.

Make data work for you.

Easily create bulk quotes at any time for mobile device inventory.

Choose models, condition grades, and quantitiesBuild a quote, save, export, share, and edit.

Duplicate existing quotes for updated pricing.

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intuitive auto recovery
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Instantly enable your teams with logistics any time.

Automated + integrated

Print shipping labels instantly

Request custom protective packaging

Request on-site pickup

Integrate with inventory systems or upload lists to initiate bulk logistics across many locations or large remote teams.

Real-Time Tracking

Always know who, what, when, and where - at the time it happens.

View status and track routes for packaging outbound to employees and returning devices all in one view.

View your organizations activity as well as the vendors - the entire chain of custody.

intuitive auto recovery
intuitive auto recovery
device life cycle managementdevice life cycle management

Device audit insights

Customize reports, view, and export details about received devices including:

Device specs, lock status, where it came from

Data erasure and functional test results

Cosmetic test results, grade, and comments

Device condition images

Certificate of Data Destruction

Resale value of the device

Custom reference fields

Stay in the loop

Customize automated notifications.

Choose who gets notified, control the message, and stay on brand.

Actionable reminder emails to ensure employee governance.

Schedule campaign status summary notifications

Real-time activity updates

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intuitive auto recovery
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Environmental Impact

Promote sustainability and share your positive impact with numbers.

Monitor how exactly your mobile device lifecycle campaigns are impacting the environment lowering your organizations carbon footprint.

Integrate your existing tools for an even better experience.

Ask us about the benefits of integrating the Evercycle platform with your existing tools such as...
Mobile device management (MDM) platforms such as Jamf, MaaS360, InTune, and others.

ERP systems such as NetSuiteCommunication tools such as Slack, email, SMS, and others.

CRM's such as Salesforce

Project Management tools such as

Request a demo and ask us about how other enterprises were able to better automate, report, and communicate organization wide seamlessly with Evercycle API integrations and confidently let their device lifecycle programs run with confidence.

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Evercycle Concierge

Your success is our only goal. Evercycle comes with great standard support, but Evercycle Concierge is next level assurance you can lean on for a seamless device lifecycle. We can help you accomplish your goals with a full service of customer management features and services.

Standard Support

Assisted onboarding, demo's, and training

< 24hr ticket response

Automated notification routing

Program/vendor status monitoring

Extended activity logs and proactive metrics

Compliance documentation and service agreement templates

+ Concierge

Customized and dedicated knowledgebase / FAQ's.

Internal marketing, directions, and communication templates and consulting.

Service provider / program strategy consulting.

Assisted setup and integration with internal project management and communication systems.

Shared support inbox.

Program service provider SLA monitoring and management.

Vendor matchmaking.

Service provider contract, SoW, and SLA reviews.

Priority feature customizations.

Assigned augmented service provider liaison.

Trust & Security

We believe in transparency and accountability.

We know that enterprise customers and service providers hope to scale along with us.

We're happy to provide details about the platform environment, security, and continuity.

Version Control
Supported Technology

Upcoming additions to the Evercycle Product Suite

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Fall 2023

Automate employee onboarding, and keep your teams connected.

Instant device deployment as needed from managed inventory

Automate device replacement from managed loaner pools.

View realtime managed inventory and maintain ready-to deploy devices.

Optionally custom kit, procure, and asset tag deployed devices.

Integrate with other products such as Evercycle Repair to ensure employee uptime.
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Evercycle Repair
Fall 2023

Extend the device lifecycle and keep your teams device-enabled.

Create and monitor organization wide device repair programs.

View and compare repair pricing and warranty status.

Automated communications and internal systems integrations.

Seamless and trackable logistics.

Repair status updates.

View and export repair history data.

Integrate with other Evercycle products for an inclusive device lifecycle workflow.
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Feature Releases

We want keep our customers and partners informed as much as possible and provide expectations where we can.

The platform feature release forecast can obviously change. If you have any feature ideas or problems you wish had a solution, and you want to share with us, we would love to hear it!

Summer 2023
Fall 2023
Winter 2023
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