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Product Spotlight: Real-time Traceability

Promote sustainability and share your positive impact with numbers.Monitor how exactly your mobile device lifecycle campaigns are impacting the environment lowering your organizations carbon footprint. Metrics are displayed below for the most important environmental measures showing how much you are impacting these areas by reselling, reusing, and recycling your mobile devices while saving these materials from landfills.

June 14, 2023
3 min
Product Spotlight: Real-time Traceability

Real-time Traceability

Always know who, what, when, and where - at the time it happens.

View status and track routes for packaging outbound to employees and returning devices all in one view.

View your organizations activity as well as the vendors - the entire chain of custody.


Don't wait until it's too late to try to reconcile device lifecycle events. Set your organization up for success and governance and know that whenever you need to know who had a device, when, and why - you will know every detail.

Evercycle can even customize tracking data to fit your needs such as including custom reference fields, unique asset tags, workorder ID's, business units, and more.

Ask us about how organizations have been able to see significantly higher asset accountability simply from being in the know, real-time, and automating notifications based on tracking status.

It is becoming more and more critical to have detailed, logged, and accessible transparency throughout the entire chain of custody as devices exchange hands.

Whether it be in and out of your inventory, between employees, as well as to and from service providers. Even, at the "end of life" Evercycle can provide, not only detailed audit reporting, but even information on where the device is headed down the road and how your programs impact our environment.

Data Security Risk

We all hope to avoid security incidents, but something as simple as a device going missing in transit, or in the hands of a service provider can be considered a data breach for which your organization is liable for.

In addition to preventing security incidents, reconciling incidents and simply monitoring devices in transit is made easy with the Evercycle platform.

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